DIO: Exploring an AR-based toolkit to enable shared, multi-user constructions for STEM

Arora, J., Mathur, K., Goel, M., Kumar, P., Mishra, A., Parnami, A.

DIO is a novel digital-physical construction toolkit to enable constructionist learning for children from age group 8-12 years. The toolkit comprises of dome-shaped (D) tangible modules with various attachments that allow suspension on the body of multiple children and/or in the environment to support a variety of sensing/input (I), actuation/output (O) functionalities. The modules are enabled for wireless communication and can be linked together using an Augmented Reality based programming interface running on a smartphone. The smartphone recognizes our hemispherical modules omnidirectionally through novel computer vision based 3D patterns; custom made to provide logical as well as semantic encoding. Owing to its unique form-factor, the toolkit enables multi-user constructions for the children and offers a shared learning experience. We also designed a social scaffolding based procedure to engage children with such constructionist toolkits effectively.


Arora, J., Mathur, K., Goel, M., Kumar, P., Mishra, A., Parnami, A. 2019. Design and Evaluation of DIO Construction Toolkit for Co-making Shared Constructions. ACM Proceedings on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies. IMWUT, December 2019. ACM, New York, NY.