Translating traditional Indian street storytelling to AR

Aryan Saini, Arunesh Singh, Kyzyl Monteiro, Aman Parnami

Narration-based storytelling has been a ubiquitous form of expression and communication for ages. It consists of a (sole) narrator telling a pre-meditated script to multiple audiences. Augmented Reality holds the potential to transform this conventional art of storytelling into a modern-day interactive experience comparable to those found at adventure parks using expensive equipment. Inspired by traditional storytellers in India, we present a modern-age version of narration-based storytelling in AR. We augmented an 11th-century Indian folk story for our performance to facilitate interaction between the narrator and audiences. This project was selected and funded as part of Snap Creative Challenge at ACM IMX'20.

More information on the Snap Creative Challenge is available at the IMX 2020 Website