Soma-noti: Delivering Notifications Through Under-clothing Wearables

Bhatia, A., Kundu, D., Agarwal, S., Kairon, V., Parnami, A.

In this paper, we explore input with wearables that can be attached and detached at will from any of our regular clothes. These wearables do not cause any permanent effect on our clothing and are suitable to be worn anywhere, thus making them very similar to badges we wear. To explore this idea of non-permanent badge input, we studied various methods to fasten objects to our clothing and organise them in the form of a design space. We leverage this synthesis, along with literature and existing products to present possible interaction gestures these badge-based wearables can enable.


Arpit Bhatia, Dhruv Kundu, Suyash Agarwal, Varnika Kairon, and Aman Parnami. 2021. Soma-noti: Delivering Notifications Through Under-clothing Wearables. Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.